Film and Television: Blue Mountain State

Blue Mountain State
Created by: Eric Falconer and Chris Romano

Blue Mountain State appeals to my inner 14 year old… mmm make that 12.  While it is a crass masterpiece of low brow humor and female objectification, I continued to watch because I saw Mark Mothersbaugh’s name in the credits.  What the fuck!? Why!? I thought. But, that and the guffaws that erupted from my most base self kept me watching.

I began to notice shot for shot homages to major films (look for them… it’s fun).  Watching more I realized the show illustrates players as commodities in the institution of football (Thad is amazing).  In addition to being introduced to words like vajazzle, this show was proving to me that you can make intertextual, self reflexive, smart television without having to give up reinforcing unhealthy stereotypes… oh wait a lot of television does that already.

Don’t let Rev Theory scare you away (though, they really do capture the essence of the show).
Blue Mountain State Opening


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