Film and Television

The Life of Pi
Written By: David Magee
Directed By: Ang Lee

The Life of Pi is a simple story of a religiously inclined teenage survivor of a shipwreck stuck on  a lifeboat in the pacific ocean with a bengal tiger.  Surviving while developing a relationship with a tiger, Pi experiences wonderful visions of the ocean both real and surreal.  Ang Lee’s film adaptation is gorgeous, while maintaining a simplicity that allows the viewer to contemplate the allegorical elements of the story.

At first I was turned off by the white author/interviewer character.  I assumed he was a blank canvas for the listless, spiritually unmoored, white westerner to identify with so that the wisdom of the brown person be made more palatable to a white western audience.  But, it turns out the author of the book is a white westerner himself which seems even more problematic.  Oh well, the world keeps turning, we must recognize the failures in ourselves, and some where in the ocean is a carnivorous island covered in meerkats.

It was a great movie.


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