Film and Television

Sons of Anarchy
Created by: Kurt Sutter

I have enjoyed watching Sons of Anarchy. While the drama is always on a setting of ten leaving little room for emotional arch, it makes for an interesting piece of television.  I also think it is a blatantly racist fantasy of white supremacy (not this, this).  Fans/apologist’s might say, “yeah but that is the world of motorcycle clubs.  They’re not pulling any PC bullshit man.” To which I would reply, “There may be some small amount of validity to that perspective man… but.”

It becomes problematic when the Sons ultimately win against everybody. When you consider their adversaries (ATF, CIA, FBI, IRA, Mexican Cartels, Damon Pope, and various other criminal syndicates operated by people of color) it becomes a little hard to swallow.  The story is impressive (maybe absurd) in the shear altitude of the Sons’ affiliations in the organized crime world, but somehow in five seasons, and some serious adversaries, only Son’s can kill Son’s.  When the sons lose it is because of their internal dysfunction, not there inability to whether whatever storm they fumbled their way into.  The only people to die from an outside hand were Half Sack, Kozik, and Opie.  Half sack was a pledge, Kozik was apparently an unnecessary character (a fucking landmine?) and Opie, while tragic, really killed himself as a result of being the primary sufferer of the internal dysfunction of the club.  The fifth season provided a glimmer of hope that a person of color could fuck with the Son’s, but that played out the same way they all do.  The Son’s win in the end.  While the spiral of Samcro into deeper and deeper shit is entertaining, it seems if realism was the goal of the show there would be more dead Son’s at the hands of people of color, or criminal syndicates operated by people of color.

Did you know Charlie Hunnam was british? (Undelcared, Queer as Folk)



  1. I’ve always kind of thought of motorcycle gangs as a borderline white-power movement. I mean, they’re about power and pretty much only white people seem to think of old, noisy motorcycles as cool.

    1. Yeah, I always thought that too. The show makes a clear effort to include biker gangs of color and a friend of mine who claims to be on the periphery of that world explained to me that they do exist. I think the show is a fairly real (as real as television fiction can be) representation of the biker world. While that world is an obviously racist sexist world, the fact that the Son’s never die by the hand of a person of color in the show elucidates the real world racism that exists in the shows creator’s not the racism that exists in the fictional world of the show, or the real world of biker gangs.

      1. It’s probably what the audience demands. I wonder if we won’t see more shows like this in the future, as white males lose more and more of their status. I haven’t actually seen the show though, so I’m just taking your word on it.

  2. It is good television. Good enough anyways. I mean if you grade on a curve (aside from the few great shows that herald this second golden age of televison, of which some are also white supremacy narratives) it is like saying man dog food is way better than eating shit. Shit being honey boo boo and the like.

    1. I’m afraid that if I ever watch honey Boo Boo I’ll probably like it, because my love of trash culture is pretty strong. But then I usually hate reality TV, so maybe not. There needs to be a distinction between trash and, uh, just plain crappy stuff.

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