What Not to Do in Looking for Band Members: The Craigslist Ad

Band Photo Edit

Putting together a good Craigslist Ad is tougher than you think. I swear there are a ton of bedroom guitar heroes just trolling Craigslist Ads for chances to jam and that’s no fun for anyone but them.

First you want to tell the person what kind of music you are playing. Don’t just throw out a genre- we’re playing punk!- because you’ll end up with a situation like we did where we said Glam Rock, meaning 70’s T-Rex/Bowie, etc., and ended up with 80’s Hair Metal guy.

Instead, go with band names. I like to keep them fairly well known, but never, ever mention The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Everyone likes these bands, and their music covers way too much ground to be useful. Some people try to be clever and narrow it down:

We’re looking to do a Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue era garage + disco band. Need guitar and drums.

Here’s how this reads to the average Craigslist responder:

Blah blah blah blah blah Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Woman blah blah blah blah guitar.

Not good. This guy will show up and widdle-widdle-widdle away an hour of your time.

I always liked to throw in a band that my band members would recognize as one of my personal favorites, that way if they’re out there responding to ads (i.e. looking for better options) they don’t accidentally respond to an ad that I put out. This happens. Awkward.

If you really want to do it right, meet the person first in a neutral setting- a bar, a coffee shop, etc. before you take them to your practice space full of nice gear. Then you can get an idea of whether they’re some sort of psycho or junkie who’s going to steal your stuff. Good luck!


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