Film and Televison

Funny Games
Directed by Michael Haneke

This film is a criticism of society’s consumption of violence.  It is also a shot for shot remake of an Austrian film by the same title.  (Which, considering its box office reception, is sort of hilarious.  Why not just show the original?)  While the acting is amazing and I agree with the idea that film/television/video games are violent because we buy them that way, it is extremely disturbing and is only successful as film theory food.  Cinema as masochism is a nonstarter because the conversations it starts are usually fleeting and carried out over something ordered from the value menu at McDonald’s.  I am pretty sure every time you eat at McDonald’s someone in the developing world contracts a terminal illness or debilitating condition as a direct result of your purchase.  In addition to serving as a high minded cinema badge for filmmakers and cinephiles, It also succeeds by not being Horton Hears A Who, or College Road Trip.

It really is a well made, thought provoking film.  A penchant for self flagellation is a prerequisite.



  1. Yikes, that looks brutal. I think the scariest movies are about the victims of random but persistent violence, done to people who clearly don’t deserve it, because they go against our belief that the world is fair. Maybe that’s why zombie movies aren’t scary- they have no brain, they’re just trying to eat.

    1. I would like to see it again to get a better handle on the media criticism part of the film, but I don’t think I can. Inspired by your comment, I am wondering if this film is a zombie film with regular humans as the zombies which communicates the terror missing in zombie films.

      1. I think of zombie films as more like when they try to make a scary movie about the weather. Something bad is happening, be careful. This looks more like the moved into a haunted house, except instead of ghosts its psychotic people. Maybe I should change my list of horror genres- scary movies are any movie where someone or something is out to get you, for no good reason and refuses to stop. If they go overboard with the gore and titties it stops being scary. Something like that. We should do a scary movies series on here.

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