I used to play World of Warcraft.  For about a month when my family was away on vacation and I was seriously bored.  It’s like smoking- a good time killer, but that’s the only thing I can recommend about either.  MMPORPGS (did I get that right?) aren’t inherently fun like car race games or dance games on the WII, they rely on that part of the brain that likes rewards.  So they give them to you over and over again.  Mostly it feels like work clicking on things over and over, and doing repetitive tasks.  That compulsion you feel to keep playing is your lizard brain working.

Most of these games make their money either by charging a subscription fee, or they’re like Lord of the Rings Online, where it’s free to play, but if you want any cool stuff you’re going to have to pay real dollars to buy it.  I’ve always wondered if they could make money off the back end- like somehow tie the tasks to affixing stamps to Amazon orders or something.  It wouldn’t be all that different.  There’s already gold farming operations in China, where poor workers sit huddled over computers 12 hours a day getting in-game stuff to sell to rich western players.  If you think that sounds exactly like what western players are already doing, you’re not alone.

Anyway, if it’s feasible someone will come along and monetize my idea and be rich.  And I will get nothing.  But my idea is probably not all that original, and there’s lots more where that came from.  Which is probably a good thing because it’s a fucking evil idea to begin with.


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