will.i.am and Britney Britney Britney

Often times when I hear a new song if I think it’s noteworthy I’ll check it out on Wiki and see what went into making it, see who wrote it and check out what critics are saying about it.  If it’s something that’s on the radio ALL THE DAMN TIME and SUCKS, then I’m curious to see if I’m alone in feeling that way.   I swear, every time I hear a song and think no one can like THIS crap, I go to Wiki and there’s a half dozen positive reviews of said song with the note that the song “received positive reviews from music critics.”  This tells me that either Wiki editors are erring on the side of positivity, or our pop music press fucking sucks.

For example,  when you’ve cribbed a hook from Wizard of Oz, you are phoning it in:

But check out Wiki‘s first two lines under Critical Response:

“Scream & Shout” received generally positive reviews from music critics. Michael Murray of RyanSeacrest.com said the song “is like nothing we’ve ever heard”, commenting that will.i.am utilizes his “his signature electric beats” while Spears embraces an alter-ego

What?  This song is like plenty of things I’ve heard.  (And uh, if it’s like nothing we’ve ever heard, why will we recognize will.i.am’s signature electric  beats?)

You have to go down to the third paragraph before Wiki mentions there were “mixed reviews.”  “Pop music writhing around in its own shit“- maybe taking it a bit further than I would have.  This is bothering me, and the fact that I don’t know who to blame is bothering me more.



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