Things That Suck About Being in a Band: Waiting

One thing most people don’t realize about being in a band is the sheer amount of waiting you have to do.  If you’re playing an average Saturday night show, you’re expected to arrive and bring in your equipment by 9pm, so you’re not trying to drag your stuff through a crowd of people.  But you may not be booked to play until 11.  Or 1 am if some douchebag talks the owner into letting them go first.  More on that some other time.

At that point you’re basically in purgatory.  You’re in a bar, but you can’t drink, much.  Well you can, if you’re irresponsible.  The bar is cold, smelly and empty.  I try to pass the time by writing out set lists, which is good for all of ten minutes.  I guess I should spring for an I-Phone.

In Japan it was even worse.  They’d want you to show up at FIVE PM.  Set up your stuff, do a 15 minute soundcheck (soundcheck, what is that?) then break it down and find something to do for the next six hours.  I’d go for dinner, but that presents another problem.  What if I have to crap?  In a bar.  That’s the stuff that nightmares are made of.


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