Guns and Prohibition

Guns are the big deal right now so I’ve been giving them a lot of thought.  I’ve never owned a gun, never shot a gun, never wanted to, but I don’t really care if people want to own them.

One of the things that pro-gun people like to say is “you can’t ban them, look how prohibition turned out.”  And they’re right, prohibition was not a success.  By any measure.  And the War on Drugs hasn’t been anything to crow about either.

But that doesn’t mean we have never had any success in combating drug use.  In fact, there is one area that we’ve been very successful:



In the last 100 years in the USA, we’ve gone from smoking being considered healthy and sophisticated, to something every smoker wants to give up.  We did it through a combination of awareness campaigns, regulations on sales, special taxes levied, and lawsuits.  It’s working.  The number of smokers is not zero, and it never will be, but in the years to come, our nation will be realizing huge savings in terms of death by preventable causes.

Guns are a vice.  We need to think of them that way.  They are huge burden on our society, and sure, if you know all the risks, and you still want to own one, then do it.  I’m not going to stop you.  But society should be working to make it so that fewer and fewer people are making that choice.


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