Rise of the Guardians

I was put off by the premise of this movie- Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, et al.- form a group to save the Earth- so I didn’t get around to seeing this one until my son and I went to the cheap play-it-again theater in Chula Vista  ($3.50 per ticket!) and saw it, pretty much because I have a cold and we had nothing else to do today.  Wow, I wrong about this one.  I was very impressed.

Very beautifully done, especially when the Sandman was on the screen- Sandman was almost a silent film character and I loved how they rendered him.  For a children’s movie it was paced like an action film- my son was literally on the edge of his seat (LITERALLY!  Like he was actually sitting on the very front part of his seat for most of the film).  Which is something I couldn’t say about Wreck-it-Ralph a few months ago- I think he was bored with that one but didn’t want to admit it.  I’ll admit that I was bored and annoyed with Wreck-it-Ralph, that movie sucked.

Anyway, great film.  Go see it, especially if you can do it for $3.50.


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