OH NO Imperfect Naked Women!

So I’ve never even watched the show Girls because I’m poor and can’t afford cable, but I’ve heard the uproar over Lena Dunham getting naked on her TV show, more often than some people are comfortable with.  Opinions range from this Jezebel story defending her to one of my conventionally attractive Facebook friends complaining about the fat lady on her TV screen.

We’ve pretty much run out of things to complain about when we’re getting upset about naked ladies on our TV.

It’s 2013.  If you are reading this post, you have access to more naked lady pictures than you could ever look at if you spent the rest of your life just looking at naked lady pictures.  Or naked dude pictures, either one.


But this episode made me think back to a time when it wasn’t that way.  High school in the early 1990’s.   I was watching a movie called Ricochet starring John Lithgow (in one of his creepy roles- man that guy does a good creepy) and Denzel Washington.  John Lithgow is a psycho criminal out for revenge on Denzel for putting him in jail.  At one point John Lithgow’s character is attending some arty LA party and there’s a row of nude women.  And then I saw her.

A fat naked lady.

Now you have to remember I was in high school.  I hadn’t seen any real life naked women, but plenty of movies and the occasional nudie mag.  I had never seen anyone other than stereotypically hot women in the nude.  I doubt I could have even imagined what any other type of woman looked like.  That was the power of media before the internet.  Non-hot women had been disappeared.

Ricochet played the fat woman for shock value, as if only a decadent LA artiste would have naked fat women hanging around.  The height of perversion, apparently, is having average looking strippers.

I get that Hollywood movies are meant to entertain and hot actresses bring viewers.  I have bills to pay and so do they.  But sometimes it’s nice to have a movie or TV show reflect the real world.  We’re still only approaching a place where normal looking women can be nude onscreen and it not be shocking.  So if Lena wants to get naked on TV, I say go for it.


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