Film and Television

Created by Howard Overman

Watching film and television from a different country is like going on vacation from the constance of my half developed critical analysis brain that is always on when I watch film and television from the United States.  It’s really terrible.  Seriously, if you go to school for film studies finish out a masters so that you can piece together the disparate racist, sexist, homophobic dog whistles you read into every scene in every show you will ever watch again.  That being said, Misfits, a show from the U.K. about delinquent teens who develop super powers after being caught in a storm is fun to watch.  The show does a good job of catering to a nerdy fanboy core while keeping it general enough for the average angsty teenager. Nathan Young, played by Robert Sheehan (totally crushable ladies(yes, I have a penis and I called a guy crushable)), is infectiously annoying, unfortunately he leaves after the second year.  The cast revolves a bit, and honestly I gave up halfway through the third season, but the U.K.’s six episode season makes this series easily consumable for the average couch potato with not better to do.  See that.  Understand for minute my use of not as opposed to nothing and imagine what it would be like reading me try to talk about foreign film and television with a critical eye.  It doesn’t fucking matter though because I am on vacation, whoop! whoop!  I can hear you saying it seems like you’re on vacation in the United States too.  Yeah… well… fuck you, man.


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