The Internet Can Be a Nasty Place

This story

The Princess and the Trolls: The Heartrending Legend of Adalia Rose, the Most Reviled Six-Year-Old Girl on the Internet

at Gawker today really was a great read.  That site and its sister sites can be full of some dumb link-bait stories, but they also can really knock one out of the park at times.

I suggest you read the whole thing, but basically it tells the story of Adalia, a girl with progeria, a disease which causes her to age prematurely.  Her mother posted some videos of her dancing on the internet.  The trolls attacked.  Her mother confronted some of the trolls.  One apologized.  The other, a young man who made Youtube videos insulting Adalia and her family, sort of apologized, and then sold ads on the Youtube video he posted as an apology.

Gawker appears to be on a crusade against trolls, only a few months back outing Violentacrez, an infamous troll who was posting creepshots of underage girls on Reddit.

In both stories Gawker introduced us to the men behind mask.  They’re both pretty pathetic individuals.  But their stories don’t excuse them because there is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

I have a lot of thoughts about this story, but it’s a little tough for me to put them into words today.  I hate it that the internet has given a place for these idiots to get together and gang up on the most helpless people.  That it’s such transparently sad people doing it to people weaker than them makes it that much worse.

I am also sick of people complaining about people “profiting” from the bad shit that happened to them. One of the excuses the Youtube video maker used was that a man had set up a fund for Adalia’s family and that Adalia’s family was just trying to make money.  I see this shit all the time- read any Yahoo story about something bad happening to someone, then scroll down the comments.  Some asshole will be saying “here come the lawyers!” “he just wants to get his payday” or something to that effect.

NO ONE but a sociopath would volunteer their children for a disease with a life expectancy of under 20 just to make a few bucks.  Nor would they want to be in a car wreck, get raped, have their house burn down, etc. on the off chance that they’ll win a lawsuit later.  If you hear someone suggesting that someone is lucky because X happened to them, tell them to volunteer for it themselves.  Anyone who has had anything remotely bad happen to them, had any serious disease diagnosed will tell you this- they’d rather have not had it happen in the first place.


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