Things that are awesome about being in a band: Singing with other people

Probably some of you have been at a party, around a campfire or at some other sort of gathering where people are singing together.  Maybe you joined in.  Maybe you didn’t.  Maybe you don’t get it- why do people like singing together?

I don’t know either.  Maybe it’s sharing the experience of liking the same music.  Maybe it’s the physicality of it.  I love singing.  I’m not good at it, but I love it.  Really opening up my throat and singing is a beautiful thing.  Doing it with others is even better.

I’ve never been much of a “jammer.”  In most of the bands that I’ve played in, practice is just a matter of showing up, going through the songs we play and maybe adding a new one if there’s time, or if someone has a new song to play.  It’s been years since I brought in a riff and started playing and then tried to build a song from that.  I find it frustrating, and being busy adults we rarely have the time to do this.

But every now and then we’ll play through a song we all know.  Lately it’s been Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin.  Sometimes we’ll play some Misfits or Dead Kennedys.  Or some Ramones.  It’s a joy to share songs with a band.

I’ve also never been a fan of Karaoke.  You might say “well duh, you’re in a band, why bother?”  And that’s part of it.  But also it’s just not that fun to be in a crowd, by myself with everyone staring at me.  I’m just not that rock star.  But with a group, we’re a team, working together to make sure the audience has a good time.

Some of you may have been around a campfire and someone will bring out a guitar and start singing.  Some of you probably groan.  Most of you won’t sing along.  Try it!  Trust me, I’m not a good singer.  But when you’re in a crowd, no one can tell.  It feels good.  Do it.


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