Black Keys

No Shame in My Game gave me too much to think about and I’m going to finish my post on poverty and the working poor later this week. In the meantime- man, I love this new Black Keys song.

I really like the break they do  DA DA!  WEEEE!   DADA WEEEE!  So tight, with some great energy and their guitars sound perfect.  What I wouldn’t give to have played that.

Beyond just the break I like that they don’t overstay their welcome.  I also love the backing vocals- at first it’s just someone singing harmony to the singers melody, but then the band adds a woooooo on top of that.   His guitar leads are really well placed, and not too showy.  I might have mentioned before that I loved Rubber Factory and have been fairly lukewarm on the band since then, but this is a great song.


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