My Brain is My Toughest Competitor


I did this last year.  Once on the day I got my new set of darts in the mail.  It’s a 180, three triple 20s.  The highest score on the dart board.  I took a picture.  That’s pretty dorky right?  And a still picture doesn’t really prove anything, because I could have just posed it and there’d be no way to tell.  Anyone can be anyone on the internet.  Anyway, I was happy with myself when I did it.  And now I am slightly annoyed that I haven’t been able to do it since.

I always wonder how sports stars can blow past that step where you feel so good at something that it makes you aggravated every time you make a small mistake.  How does that not eat people up?  Sometimes I feel like the more I practice something, the worse I get.  Or the less fun I’m having.  I used to practice guitar for hours every day.  Now I play it only a few times a week outside of practice or it starts to feel like a job.  I started to feel that way while I was throwing darts on my patio today, so I went back inside and picked up a book.


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