Film and Television

Directed by Aaron Schock

This is a simple film about a mexican Circus family and their struggle to persist as they travel across Mexico.  It isn’t just the compelling story of the family that you get to watch but also an opportunity to see a Mexico apart from images we are more familiar with through television and advertising.  The Circus travels a circuit of small towns and villages exposing the viewer to life in Mexico outside of the resort and away from the border.  This thin slice of Mexican culture you get to see isn’t diluted with tequila shooters and all you can eat breakfast buffets or buried under the violence of drug and human trafficking.

Having grown up near the border I am somewhat familiar with the stark division in wealth between the two countries, but bearing witness (albeit a framed and edited witness) was an eye opening experience for me.  The things that we take for granted in this country are many and more.  It is worth noting.



  1. This looks beautiful, I gotta see this. Remember that time we tried to go the circus? I should dig up that story.

    Oh, and I saw Prometheus last week, that was a good movie. I kind of thought of it as an apology for middle managers- Charlize Theron’s character turned out to be one of the more sensible people in the film. That and the captain. The male scientists were a bunch of asshats.

    1. Its been long enough that I don’t remember her character with any sort of precision. Wasn’t she driven by a sense of abandonment by her father who always wanted a son? There is a lot of shit happening in that movie that doesn’t receive a lot of screen time, it just sort of gets mentioned. I think that’s why people didn’t like it.
      If you have copies of the army never sent me my socks I would love a copy. Maybe two, one for me and one for a fantastic Zine library that is maintained by a non-profit writing organization up here.

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