What’s Up With This Old Timey Music?

Am I the only person who finds this Old Timey thing hokey?

I guess it was a few years back when I walked into a local hipster bar and everyone looked like they were extras from Oh Brother Where Art Thou? and I thought, oh, OK, this is the thing now.

There’s a line in this song that cracks me up, but only because I’m very childish:

I’ve been sleepin’ in my bed

Sleepin in my bed

I feel like if you’re going to repeat something right before the chorus, it should tell the listener something important.  But that’s just me.   Sometimes for fun I come up with alternate lyrics in my head:

I’ve been wearing both my shoes

Wearin both my shoes


So I’ve been thinking about this all day- what is it that I find so annoying about indie music?  I’ve never liked it.  I mean, the occasional song by the Pixies I can handle, but indie just annoys me.  I’ve narrowed my reasons down to roughly these:

-Indie is deliberately obscure.  This song maybe not, but I swear, some of the stuff I hear on our indie station has no discernible hook and nothing catchy about it AT ALL.  I’ve long suspected this is deliberate, because easily processed music doesn’t make for cultural capital amongst indie types.  Well fuck that, I want to be entertained and I don’t give a shit what my friends think about my taste in music.  ENTERTAIN ME FUCKERS!

-It’s cutesy.  It’s saccharine.  It’s treacly.  It’s precious.  It wants a pat on the head.  I refuse to pat indie heads.

And finally

-It’s unashamedly about first world white people problems.  I’ve got those problems too.  I don’t need to be reminded of them.


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