Stuff on the Radio I Like

I don’t know what it is I like about this song.

When The Motto was on the radio all day every day last year, I didn’t get what people liked about that song.  This is practically the same song.  I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

Like a lot of rap songs, there’s not much structure to it.  Very little arrangement.  Most pop songs stick to the formula:

Verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus chorus chorus chorus chorus

Something like that.  But this song is him pretty much singing the same thing over and over again.  What I mean is that you could sing “We started from the bottom now we here” at almost any point in the song and it wouldn’t be out of place.  Normally that makes for a boring and repetitious song.  Which maybe you think this song is.

I also like the bridge he has.  It’s a little different than what I expected.

The bridge is the part of the song that introduces a new musical direction, with the idea that when the song goes back to the chorus the chorus will be that much more powerful.  Almost every pop song has one.  Rock songs usually have a guitar solo.  It can work really well.  And other times, people are shoehorning them in, maybe because they feel like they have to:

I like this song.  It makes me happy every time I hear it.  But:

I don’t wanna go to sleep I wanna stay up all night I wanna just screw around

doesn’t add anything to the song.  It drags.  I wish I could delete that part of the song.  Maybe just add some drum beats like the bridge in this song:

It’s quick, it doesn’t kill the energy too much.

I shouldn’t complain too much about cliched musical bridges.  Almost every song I write features a solo by myself (usually a bad one) or by our keyboard player (usually a good one).


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