And there was my guitar, electric junk

I’ve got 4 guitars that I regularly play.  My oldest is this one- my Les Paul*.


I also have a flying V which I got from a friend, a hollow-body guitar that I bought last year, and a beat up acoustic that I bought just after this one was given to me.  But this one’s my favorite.

I was given this guitar by my wife about 7 years ago.  I had been playing in a band for about a year at that point on a embarrassingly crappy guitar.  I told my wife I wanted to buy a new one.  I had no idea at the time what kind of a guitar I should buy, so I spent a lot of time in guitar stores just browsing for something in my price range.  One day my wife said she’d like to come along to the guitar store, and, even more out of character, she was asking me questions about which guitar I liked and why.

On my birthday I walked in the door and there it was.  Best gift anyone has ever given me.


No really, no one will ever top this gift.

I’m not a big guitar nerd, but I did make some modifications- I replaced the bridge pickup.  I had the selector switch moved to where the other treble knob should be because I play like a stupid idiot and it was getting in the way.  (see what looks like a white dot?  that’s the hole where the switch used to be)


I had the neck repaired.  Twice.


The first time I was playing with the drunk dude from this story.  For the second time.  I know, it was stupid.  And it became EXTRA stupid when, while trying to help his AGAIN too drunk ass plug in his guitar I knocked my own guitar off the stand.  This guitar is heavy and the neck angle is pretty severe so when it fell forward onto the hard club flooring it broke the head right off.  I almost cried that night and I had to play our set with a borrowed guitar.  The worst set I have ever played in my life.

But some nice guys were able to put it back together so well that I doubt anyone could have guessed it had been broken.  For $500***.

The second time I broke the neck myself.  I was having a really rough day.  And at the end of the show we played, I threw it on the ground.  The bad day may or may not have been a chance to finally cross smash a guitar onstage off my bucket list.  I was ready to just chuck this guitar, but my wife talked me in to having it fixed.  For another $500.

So yeah, I love this guitar.  The second time it broke into several more pieces than the first, and it didn’t go back together quite so well.  It’s rough in places, and the inlays are smudged.  It still plays as well as it ever did.

I have one sticker on it, it’s from my brother who went to visit EZLN guerillas in Chiapas, Mexico.


It says Yo ♥ EZLN  somos un ejercito de soñadores – we are an army of dreamers.  I liked that sentiment so I put it on my guitar.  Plus it reminds me of my brother.

*If any guitar nerds read this, it’s not a Gibson Les Paul Custom, which I most definitely can’t afford.  It’s an Epiphone LQ Japan-only model, that’s why it has the Gibson headstock and not that goofy Epiphone one.

**I’m being silly

***To put this in perspective, the guitar itself only cost around $700.  That may sound like a lot (or maybe it doesn’t), but that’s not expensive for an electric guitar.


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