If this place makes you cry come on baby stay a while Part II

Hopping around on crutches didn’t do much for my game and I gained a lot of weight during that time.  Protolexithymic had a girlfriend and if I’m being honest I was a little bit jealous.  No fun being lonely.

I was also a bit of a prick about his other activities.  I was a straight-edge punk rocker, which was in fashion to some degree at the time and wasn’t the worst, but pretty much everyone who chooses that path is a little sanctimonious about it.  I gave him a hard time sometimes and that was stupid.


Natalie was a girl who went to my brother’s high school (my brother decided he didn’t like our town’s HS so he went to the neighboring one).  She was an unconventionally pretty girl who would not shut up and had no moral compass.

I may have been put off by her drug use or I may have just been a prude, but for whatever reason I was never into her but I did enjoy her company during high school even if it meant me driving her around everywhere because she had no car.  It was always an adventure hanging with Natalie.  Most of those adventures sucked, but I like a good story so I put up with it.

Until college.  Freshman year she calls me up and screams “We’re coming to visit you in your dorm!”  I should have said no.  She shows up with her boyfriend, who was at the time a member of a prominent San Diego punk band, and they’re both whacked out on what she says is “horse tranquilizers from Mexico.”  She keeps trying to hug me and tell me she loves me, her boyfriend is giggling, she’s got holes in her pants and her bush was poking out… it turned into a big scandal amongst the nerds who lived in my dorm.

I didn’t see her much after that until one day when we moved to PB she calls up and says she wants to come visit.  I talked this over with Protolexithymic and we both agree this is probably a bad idea BUT we’re also both too polite to say no.

And it was a bad idea.  It was fucking awful having her around and finally one night we’re all out at a party and we (I don’t remember if Protolexithymic was a part of this, I’m going to say that he wasn’t, because he’s a bit nicer than me) leave Natalie there.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I drive home and lock the door, hoping to be rid of her forever.

She arrives at our place at around three in the morning and starts knocking on the window saying “come on let me in.”  It was cold so I let her in.  She moved out the next day and that’s the last I saw of her.

To be continued


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