Pitbull and Christina

Was anyone asking for this song?  I wasn’t.

This song is Black Eyed Peas level  pandering.  That A-Ha song was a classic for what it is, which doesn’t mean I like it or need to be reminded of it.   In fact, I can’t stand much of anything from the 80’s anymore.

Mr Worldwide runs down the list of all the things he must say in a song- referring to himself as “Mr Worldwide; saying “dahlin”; saying something in Spanish; chuckling to himself.  The only staple he leaves out is his Al Pacino “HA!”  Someone must have forgotten to remind him to “HA!” at something.

I’ve long made peace with the fact that Christina will never live up to the expectations I had for her.  When she first came out I figured a woman who could sing well and seemed fairly grounded would go on to have a long, interesting career.  Instead she’s done mostly weird crap.  I’d go down the list, but pretty much no one needs reminding of all the odd careers choices she’s made.

You know what’s fucked up?  I just went to search for her name and Christina Aguilera Weight comes up first on the list of Google auto-fills.  I suppose I’m not helping by putting that into this post, but seriously people, get a fucking life people.  Leave her looks alone.

But songs like this are on the better side of what she’s done.  She’s not over-singing or going crazy with the melisma.  I actually appreciated her appearance on Moves Like Jagger for this reason- she was just doing some good singing.  Don’t get me wrong, anything by Maroon 5 tends to get annoying fast, but I liked what she did with her part of the song.  Maybe she should stick to doing guest appearances.


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