If this place makes you cry come on baby stay a while Part III

Meth Heads Upstairs

There was a family of four living upstairs from us.  They were a husband and wife with a son of about 4 and a daughter of around 6.

I don’t know for sure what drugs there were on, but they most definitely were on something.  There were numerous loud fights between the parents or the mother and her mother, sometimes the police were called.  More than once a helicopter was flying over our building.

The kids were pretty nice, considering what their lives must have been like.  They’d often play in the concrete area between our building and the neighboring building.

After Protolexithymic moved out I lived there for another six months or so, first by myself and then with another friend.

Towards the end of my stay there the upstairs neighbors finally were evicted.  The clearly had nowhere to go so for three days they piled their stuff right on the concrete right outside our door.  They camped there with their kids.  It was one of the saddest sights I’d ever seen, but I didn’t feel comfortable having them stay in my apartment either.  I don’t know where they went after that.

I moved out of that place soon after another friend of mine moved in.  His mother looked at the cracked plaster and declared the place unsafe and refused to pay rent if he stayed there.  We moved to a different place in La Jolla and that’s a whole different set of stupid stories.


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