Things that make me feel less bad about MY parenting

So after the Newtown massacre people* were speculating Adam Lanza’s mom maybe bought guns to protect herself from Adam.  Nope:

Exhibit #612 – One (1) holiday card containing a Bank of America check #462 made out to Adam Lanza for the purchase of a C183 (Firearm)**, authored by Nancy Lanza.

Good work Nancy.

In all seriousness, what the fuck.  I’m tired of this.

After the shooting people were like “we need mental health treatment!  institutionalize these people!”  Really?  You think Nancy Lanza would have just laid down her guns and let the feds walk in and take her crazy son?  Fuck no.  That’s probably why she was buying guns in the first place.

*what people?  I don’t remember.  Probably just some internet commenters.

**Apparently the cops made a typo and this was a CZ83



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