Random Thoughts

Had show last night.  Played really well.  I have been having trouble with my voice and had been stressing out all week that I’d sing really badly.  But, for better or for worse, I sounded exactly like I normally do.

Black Eyed Peas’ biggest innovation was becoming a vertically integrated crap factory.  They cover all the bases for a pop group and don’t need any outside help.  They’ve got the rapper/singer guy, two other rappers who are so forgettable that people could very easily mistake them for guest stars and a white woman singer.  Brilliant marketing strategy!

Wiz Khalifa has bragged in a song about all his cars starting “with the push of a button” at least 3 times that I can remember.  Dude, it wasn’t that impressive the first time- I have at least 2-3 friends who can say “all my car starts with a push of a button” and none of them are notably rich.  Buy two Priuses and you’re a baller by Wiz’ estimation.

The most baller thing I can imagine anyone traveling by is pimped-out rickshaw.  Think about it.

Oh nevermind, I think Lady Gaga already did this.

I have a plan that would solve unemployment, destigmatize welfare and add some dynamism to our economy- hold a lottery every year.  The names of 10% of employed people are drawn.  Those people are put on welfare for a year.  No paid work or unpaid internships allowed.  This would apply to everyone except a handful of vital industries- nuclear technicians, beer makers, etc. AND the two industries that are actually meritocratic- sports and sales.  Admit it, we’re all replaceable.  And there’s no future where it makes sense for us all to work either, unless you are a robot/computer AI reading this, in which case it’s already too late for us humans.


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