Random Thoughts

I’ve got a lot on my mind right now because the band is recording this weekend.  It’s a lot of pressure and I hate the way my voice sounds on recordings (probably because I have never recorded often enough to either be able to improve it or… accept it).  And there’s money on the line, so it’s even worse.

Why do they never play any good songs by The Who on the radio?  Who Are You is their worst song.  Even worse than You Better You Better You Bet (a song which isn’t really that bad).

And how did The Who go from these stylish young dudes:

To these guys:

I’m not talking about the song but the clothing.  Who dressed these men?


The Who were ahead of their time.  The rest of their contemporaries waited until the 80s to start dressing badly:

(Charlie Watts’ look at the camera in this video says it all- total disappointment with the rest of his band)

How did I happen on this song?

This is super cheesy, but I give them points for rhyming “avaricious” and “so delicious.”

I kind of like this song, but the part where they’re supposed to be harmonizing is a little shaky.  Being able to sing well with others is tough.  Even people who can sing well on their own struggle with it.

Of course how well Rihanna can sing is an open question.  I’d bet that if you spent the evening at your average karaoke place you’d heard at least a few people who can sing better than her.  But being an exceptional singer is pretty rare amongst pop stars.  There’s basically Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and who?  Pink?  I don’t know, not a ton.  I’ll get into that another day.



  1. I saw The Who in concert a few months ago. Honestly, I’m not sure they should still be touring. They were shells of their former selves. Of course, that can be said for a lot of us.

    1. They looked pretty worn out on the Super Bowl halftime show a few years back. It’s tough, a lot of their music was meant to be played by young people. I know I lose a bit of my ability to play energetically every year, so I’m trying to ease into old(er) age. Tough to do it gracefully. If I had the chops to be a country singer I’d go that route.

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