Things that suck about being in a band: kicking people out/having people quit

Few things about being in a band have sucked more than trying to kick someone out who doesn’t want to go.  I’d rather not share any tales, but I do have a few observations-

People who are new to playing music tend to take it the hardest.  This is probably like dating.  Get dumped in high school and it’s the end of the world.  Get dumped when you’re 25 and you’re like “yay, more time for video games.”  Having observed this, at age 36 I very rarely want to have anyone in the band who hasn’t been in other bands before.

If you’re playing music in your bedroom or on your couch and have been thinking- maybe I should join a band– my advice to you is- do it soon.  The longer you wait, the more people you are going to meet who will think, I don’t know if I want this person in the band, they might act like a big baby if it doesn’t work out.

Be nice about firing people.  If you play punk rock, you are part of a scene that gets smaller every year.  It’s no good making enemies.

That being said, I have not always kept my own advice.

I have told people they suck.

They did not take that well.

As far as being kicked out- I don’t know, it hasn’t happened to me.  That’s one of the perks of being a frontman and the person who puts bands together.  Usually I have the opposite problem- people quit.

If you’re in a band and you want to quit, just pick up the phone and do it.  It’s not that hard.  Here is your script:

Bro, it’s been fun playing with you, bro, but the band’s just not working out for me, bro.  Later.

Or email.  Not hard.  At least no one will be counting on you for studio rent.


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