Day one of recording is over!  We’ll probably only spend one more day on our demo so we’re halfway there.  Almost all my stuff is done.

We’re a punk band on a tight budget and we’re just trying to get enough songs together to play for people to get shows and/or have something to take home after they come see us play.

I don’t know how huge stars record, but for us we go in, play our songs together as a band, the producer mikes every instrument separately.  Then we listen to what we’ve recorded and everyone but the drummer has the chance to go back and fix things, or add extra tracks.

People usually like to sing through better microphones, but since they take time to set up and are extra sensitive, the producer will set up a lower quality mike for the singer to sing through, just so the band doesn’t get lost while playing.  This vocal track is usually called a “scratch” track because most of the time it gets thrown away.

This is my third time recording at this studio, so I am super lazy with my scratch track.  They sounded awful.  Our bass player sings lead one some songs and this was her first time in this kind of setting and she wasn’t nearly as sloppy as me.  She sang so well we may use her scratch tracks, which is pretty rare.  I took an hour or so to re-record all mine.

I’m actually a pretty lousy guitar player, and this was the first time I had to do all the lead guitar parts (all my previous bands had a better guitar player in them).  It wasn’t my finest hour.  But it’s punk rock, so fuck it.  Or so I tell myself.

In the end I got most of my stuff done, and now our keyboard player and bass player have a few things to do and then it’s time to mix.  Mixing takes almost as long as recording the things in the first place.  We’re scheduled to go back in and do that a month from now.


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