Things that happen while playing in a band: women bandmates

“So you got the hot female bass player?” wink wink

Was what the guy one of my friends brought along to the show asked when I gave a short run down of the people in my band.  I didn’t know how to respond to this one.  But it was a good lesson in why so few women play in bands.

I’ve been in roughly five or six bands in my life, with maybe two dozen or so bandmates over that time.  Maybe more.  I’ve had three female bandmates.

One backup singer in a short-lived glam rock band.

One keyboard player in my current band.

One bass player in my current band.

We have a male drummer and myself, so as of right now, I am in a band made up of 50% women.

I actually don’t have a ton to say about this, because I’d have to generalize about an entire gender based on my limited experience playing with women.  I’ve only had a grand total of four even try out for any band I’ve played with, ever.  Women just don’t play in punk bands all that much.

Which brings me back to Oh so you got the hot female bass player dude.  No dude, I am not going to go hire someone as eye candy.  That would require us to have some sort of desire to become well known and make money. Which we don’t.  At least I don’t.

The first time I saw our bass player perform was at a San Diego event called Punk Rock Lotto that I guess gets held whenever someone gets around to setting it up.  It’s a fun event- local musicians put their names into a hat.  They’re sorted according to what they play- and the instruments are pretty eclectic and then names are drawn.  The randomly created bands have a month to come up with a set of five original songs.  Judges vote on the winner.  In this case the winners got a fat bar tab at Bar Pink.

One of my friends had entered and I showed up to watch him play.  Another friend of mine happened to be there and she said her friend was going to be in a band that would be appearing later on, so I should stick around.  Our current bass player’s band came on last.  She was the singer/bass player and they kicked ass.  She was a great singer, great bass player and the songs she wrote were brilliant.  They won the event.

I asked my friend to put us in touch and we’ve been playing together even since.


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