This day in satisfying juxstapositions

This is the best one that I can imagine:

Gawker 3 imprisoned women

Charles Ramsey is a hero. 

I know it’s expected for Americans to say this sort of thing:

In an interview with WKYC, Ramsey downplayed his new hero status, saying he’s just a man. “I’m American, I’m a human being.”

But for once I’d love someone to say- Fuck yeah, I AM a hero.  I didn’t know before that I had this sort of thing in me.  Now I do.   Nothing wrong with that.  Read The Iliad– those wars between the Greeks were all about heroism.  Let’s set up our hero against your hero, and whoever has the better hero wins the war.  That’s cool!  They even went back to hang out and drink wine and have sex in their tents in the evenings.  That’s way better than the style of war those fascist Romans came up with- the ancient world’s mechanized war machine.  But I digress.  Charles Ramsey is a hero.

Fuck Joe Francis.

I have nothing against porn.  But talking drunk girls into getting naked so you can make porn and not even bother to pay them?

FRANCIS: Sometimes. Rarely. And you asked how we get them. I mean, for the most part, the girls run up to the “Girls Gone Wild” camera men. I mean, girls want to be on “Girls Gone Wild.” It’s a fun thing. And it’s – – you know, it’s a rite of passage. It’s — I mean, you’re on TV.

Yeah, that’s fucked up.  Enjoy prison asshole.


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