Bands my bands have been on the bill with part 2

Some of the bands we’ve played with that I want to share with other people- and who happen to have youtube videos, because I’m too lazy to look anywhere for their music.

Prima Donna

Definitely the best known we’ve ever played with, Prima Donna opened for Green Day on one of their European tours and their singer/lead guitarist Kevin plays in the Green Day side project The Foxboro Hot Tubs.  I first saw them in LA about 5 years ago.  I was following their Myspace (haha, Myspace!) and they had a show coming up in San Diego at a club where we knew the promoter and he was nice enough to add us to the bill.

These guys were great performers and pretty much kicked our ass all over the stage, but it’s also an open secret that despite their image they’re some of the nicest guys in rock and roll.  Six months after we played with them our guitar player was at SXSW and Kevin remembered him and came up to talk with him.   I love this band, if there’s any justice in the world they’ll become huge.

Los Sweepers

This is one of my friend’s bands- they do garage covers in Spanish.

I haven’t seen them around in a while and I’m not sure if they still active but they’re a great show if they are.

The Savoys

I think these guys are from Long Beach?  Another show that the Stalins of Sound set us up with.  It turned out to be a really great pairing- we’re pretty musically similar.  One of these days we’ll try to get them to come to San Diego again.




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