Takin’ my kid to the skatepark

My friend has been asking me to go skating with him and his son for months now and I’ve been blowing him off because I am in a band, and I don’t want the guy who can’t make practice cause he hurt himself.  My friend should know because he was that guy when we played together.

But we don’t have  a show booked for a few more weeks and my guitar playing on the demo is done, so I said, sure, I’ll go skateboard.  And recently my son has decided to start riding the skateboard that my cousin gave him for Christmas 2 years ago.  He’s just learning to push around on it, but he’s excited to go.

Part of the problem though is finding a park that won’t be murder for a small kid.  Or me.  Some of the parks here are too hard-

This park looks great… for someone who doesn’t have a family that expects him or her not to die.  We found one that was a lot easier.

The park’s not the only danger.  There’s also other skateboarders.  Most other skaters are pretty courteous but if a place gets packed enough it doesn’t matter- boards and people are going to be flying everywhere.  I tell my son, remember the words of Mad Eye Moody- CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

We had a good time, just cruised around for an hour or so.  He’s just learning so he spent move of his time rolling around.  I tried to remember the tricks I used to be able to do.  Out of nowhere an elementary school kid asks me to play a game of S.K.A.T.E.- the skateboard version of the basketball game H.O.R.S.E.  Maybe he thought I’d be a good mark.  There was no winner because the park shut down, but we were tied, so I’d say I held my own.

It’s fun that my son is at an age when we can start doing these things together.  I don’t want to push him too hard in skateboarding because I’d rather not having him come home with lots of broken bones.  But he’s a cautious guy (like I am) so maybe it’s not a big deal.  So far it’s fun.


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