Bands my bands have been on a bill with Part 3

Probably my final installment of bands I have been on the bill with because most of the other bands we’ve played with either I can’t remember, or I don’t care, or I can’t find them on Youtube.

The Fast Takers

Or they’re no longer active.  We played with these guys twice when they were visiting from Portland.  Their singer Hernan is an old friend and a great frontman.  Rad AC/DC style rock

I just heard today he’s in a new band called The Last 45’s, but I can’t find them on Youtube.

Dead on the Wire

These guys are rad street punk/pop punk and super cool guys.  Hopefully we can do some more shows with them.

Devi’s Weapon

I haven’t heard of anything from these guys since last fall, so I’m not sure if they’re still around.  They were rad, this video doesn’t do them justice

Chango Rey and His Broken Heart Beat

Rene is another old friend (at my age if you’re playing rock and roll and you don’t have old friends to play with you’re probably an asshole, or you forgot your friends, or you never had them).  Rene does a great one man act:

He’s also a great DJ and an all-around funny guy.  And he’s always got some other bands together but I can’t keep up with them!

Shiraishi Hidenori

Ok, so I couldn’t find anything from my Japan days- that was now nearly 7 years ago and I don’t think people were posting their stuff to Youtube back then.

I didn’t play with this band because it yet didn’t exist.  The singer is my good friend Hidenori and we played together several times before, mostly in separate bands, but on occasion I was talked into doing acoustic songs before an audience with him (NEVER AGAIN!  I DO NOT PLAY ACOUSTIC!) and we jammed at lots of parties, mostly with me singing mangled Blue Hearts tunes. He’s one of the best singers I know and a really nice guy.  He even played at our wedding.

That does it, I guess.  Hopefully we’ll have more to add soon.


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