Film and Television

Hall Pass
Directed by: Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly

Why?  Becuase I had time to kill and I like Jason Sudeikis.  Result?  It wasn’t funny.  Also, Owen Wilson really delivered some Owen Wilson (which is to say he sucked).  This movie is fucking stupid, captured most clearly by the big black dick/small white dick visual gag toward the end of the movie.  The Farrelly brother’s seem to have missed the gross mark on this one as well which makes me want to go back and watch Kingpin to see if I have changed or if they have.

Off the top of my head I would say they should stick to films where the relationship isn’t the main subject of the film.  They do just fine with it when it is ancillary to Jim Carrey’s split personality as Charlie Bailygates/Hank Evans, or Jack Black’s shallowness in Shallow Hal, mostly because the character’s are the joke.  In Hall Pass Owen Wilson and Jenna Fischer have too real of a relationship, leaving the Farely Brothers to make jokes around them rather than of them.

While the film does a good job of making single life look worse than married life, the writing of each is a caricature at best.  Ultimately the Farely Brothers are better at making caricatures of people than caricatures of life, and when they try to make caricatures of life the base, sophomoric, and insincere nature of their comedy is hard to watch… and I like fart jokes.


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