Tame Impala

I really like this song.

It vaguely reminds me of Gary Glitter*.  I really love the Paul McCartney style bass too.  The whole song does sound a bit like The Beatles, come to think of it.

It’s also very cinematic.  I’ve noticed that about recent music- bands sound more and more like they’re writing with the hope of being used in a movie (or in the case of the Black Keys- in sports telecasts).  And movie ares becoming more and more like music videos.  I would say I suspect that we’re approaching a great convergence of the two arts, but we’re more or less already there.

I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing- I’d say it’s going to be some of both.  And there was a time when people watched Musicals on film, so it’s not all that new of an idea.

*current title holder of Most Horrible Human Whose Music I Happen to Like.  I shudder to think what someone would have to do to top pedo-Gary.


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