Things that suck about being in a band: selling stuff

Been super busy planning for our next show.  We finally had T-shirts made, and we’ve been trying to decide how to handle CDs.  CDs seem like something no one buys anymore so I’m not even sure it’s worth it to have them made.  Bandcamp lets you print out download codes and then sell those, which is kind of cool because then no physical CD needs to get made (and subsequently thrown in the trash) and you can sell them in person.  To drunk people who won’t mind giving up a couple bucks.  Seriously, it cost us a big chunk of money to record our CD*, we’d like to make our money back a little.

Anymore though, bands make most of their money playing shows.  We’re nobodies, so we’re happy if we make $50-60 a show.  Fuck playing for free.  We’ll do it if it’s for say, a charity, but playing just to play?  Err, maybe once a year or if we really don’t think anyone will show up.

Bigger local bands make more.  Some have a guarantee, which is industry talk for the minimum amount a band will expect to be paid, regardless of whether or not anyone shows up.  Bands that draw well can start asking for one.  I know some local guys who were making $200 a show, but they’re pretty well known.  And playing originals.  If you’re down in the Gaslamp District and some band is there playing professional sounding covers of pop hits they’re going to be demanding much more.


At this point we’re obviously no where near being able to pay our bills with any money we make, so we’re hoping that by selling T-Shirts our name will get out there, and we’ll get some better shows, maybe opening for bigger acts.  Maybe we can get some good local press.  None of this is really fun, but then playing in front of nobody isn’t fun either.  And not playing at all is even worse.  Such is life.

*By the way, have you heard our CD?


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