Long Live the People’s Music!

We just had a great show friday night.

June 7th

I was looking forward to this one for months.  Two of my favorite musical forms- together on one night I get to be a part of it.  And it was great!  So much positivity from everyone there.  People were coming up to me saying “I came here for the hip hop but you guys killed it!”  The opening act Generik really started it off right.  He started out with some beat boxing and I admit, I was skeptical at first.  But wow, he was good.  I don’t know much of anything about beat-boxing but he was doing stuff I didn’t think was possible.  And he was a great rapper as well.

I confess I didn’t see the second rapper Trustone because we had just played and I needed to step outside and cool off.  It was hot in there!  A good hot though.  The heat of a packed house of people having a good time.  People went off for Artowar.  Some good hardcore punk.  I regretfully can’t find anything on the web about them.

It was a great show.  Sometimes everything just comes together and I feel renewed.  …

I call punk rock and hip hop “The People’s Music” but that applies to anything that can be performed with a minimum of monetary investment and specialized study.  Not that you don’t need to study to be good at rapping, but you don’t need a degree in music.

I’ve also always thought of punk rock and rap as being bonded by coming from people who started at the bottom.  I was really happy to read this a few months back:

The Connection Between Hip Hop, New Wave and Punk

It’s a short but good history of exchange between the early hip-hop and punk scenes.  Though some of it makes sense in retrospect (Blondie and the Clash recording rap songs, for instance), I never knew there was a connection there.


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