The People’s Music!

So I was talking about this the other day, but I refer to certain kinds of music as The People’s Music.

I don’t mean it’s music of a certain class background, like this:

Or that it’s even about a certain theme.  It’s just music that people without formal training or lots of money can play.  America has a ton of examples of The People’s Music:




Punk Rock



There’s a lot of overlap between them.  And there are a lot more styles than this!  These are just the ones that popped into my head.

I don’t have any formal training myself, so this tends  to interest me.  This isn’t to take away from musical styles likes Classical, Jazz, R & B or Disco that require a high level of skill or training.  But not being able to contribute to technically difficult musical styles also means that on a certain level I can’t understand them.  It’s my loss, I know.

People complain about how rock and roll is dead or kids today listen to crap music, or whatever, but I would bet that we could come back in 100 years and what people would be listening to would have a lot in common with what we listen to today.  People will always play musical instruments like the guitar or drums because there is a physicality to them that appeals to some people.  I couldn’t care less about playing fast licks on my guitar, but I love to bang on it and throw it around.  I can’t be the only one.

Other people love putting songs together piece by piece on their computer and creating something like they’re putting together a puzzle.  That’s not my thing, but I know plenty of people who love to do this.  There will always be a place in music for both of these.


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