Did a little bit of camping this weekend at one of our surprisingly good county parks.  And this guy showed up in our tent

stick bug

This is after we took him out, obviously.  But I got to have a really good look at him.  What’s crazy is that there is no way to tell this is not a stick until it moves.  Only the even arrangement of its limbs gave it away.  It was in our tent and completely refused to move, but it has nothing that looks like eyes, pincers, a mouth, anything.  We even had it backwards- what turned out to be antennae we thought was its tail.

One of the friends that came along had spent a lot of time in Florida and was talking about all the fauna you’d see there.  We go camping in the mountains here, miles from any city but wildlife is rare.  I just don’t think our mountains can support that much.  I’ve seen a bear, once, on the road in Yosemite.  I’ve seen marmots and squirrels in the Sierra Nevada.  Raccoons and possums in the city.  And one coyote outside my apartment.  I saw a deer once on the side of the road (and almost hit it) near Mt Laguna, and a toad hopped onto our campsite there once too.  We also saw some baby snakes at Mt Laguna.  I saw a kangaroo rat at Red Rock Canyon (the California one) and some bighorn sheep at Anza Borrego.  And this stickbug.  The only one I’ve ever seen outside of an exhibit.  Weird right?  That’s all the notable animals I’ve ever seen in California.

And I guess you could count otters, sea lions and stingrays.  Still not much.  And this is over YEARS of going camping several times a year.  I’d say we see a notable animal every 5th or 6th time we go.  That’s a pretty low ratio.

I’ve never seen a bobcat.  Never seen a mountain lion (and I hope I never encounter one!).  Never seen a tarantula or a rattlesnake.  Or a gila monster (one of the animals I would most like to see).  If I lived in Florida would I have seen an alligator already?  Or one of those giant land snails?  Sounds pretty damn exciting.



    1. Australia is definitely one of the countries I’d most like to visit. I’d really like to see some of your deserts and some jungle adventures would be really cool too

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