Our crazy summer vacation, day one

Our little family specializes in insanely optimistic gonzo travel excursions.  REST?  NOT FOR US!  We get everything we can out of our vacations.  Here’s the stats:

11 Days

2500 miles

5 states

1 National Park

1 car accident

1 Hotel room

2 nights in the same place, once

1 boat ride

2 time zones

Too many mosquito bites to count

Our trip started at almost the very south of California, in San Diego.  When we have a long drive to make, we like to get started early so our son will sleep (and not be asking us “how much farther?”) and also because Los Angeles is too big to go around, which means we must go through it.  Which means traffic.  The funny thing about LA traffic is that it can happen at any hour, any time of day.  You just never know.  But if you stick to the I-5 between the hours of 3 am and 6 am, you probably will do OK.

We packed the car the night before and left home at 4 am.  I’ll cut to the chase here- the I-5 freeway is a highly useful freeway if you really want to go places quickly.  It’s also SUPER BORING.  It was hot and the scenery hardly changed at all.  This day was basically an endurance test.

We drove until we arrived at our first stop, Castle Crags State Park, just a few hours south of the Oregon border.

Castle Crags had a nice, very short (maybe 1/4 mile) hike up to a viewpoint where the crags were on the left, and Mt Shasta was on the right.  Otherwise, it was a pretty standard state park.  At least we weren’t dealing with lots of mosquitoes yet.  We went to bed early.


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