Our crazy family vacation, day four

So for some reason I titled the last post “day three part one” but now I can’t remember what I was going to say for part two (or three, who knows?).  So I’ll make it short, day three ended.

We got up the next morning and moved again.  I had actually planned on staying in one place for more than a day because I was under the mistaken impression that it would be hard to find campsites, so that if we found one we liked, we should hold onto it.  I even asked at the entrance of every park “are there sites available here?”  The rangers all responded very nicely that yes, there were plenty of sites.  If you want to be laughed at, try asking that question in July in Yosemite Valley.

The 101 briefly goes along the coast of Washington, which was the only time we saw the Pacific coast the entire trip.  It was cold, gloomy, forbidding.  I especially liked this spot, visible the parking lot of some roadside restaurant/lodge.

2013 Family Trip (Washington) 244

The trees washed ashore here looked like old bones.  Sometimes nature is creepy and sometimes it’s good to be creeped out.  This was one of those times.

But as terrifyingly beautiful as this place was, we’re not big on beach camping, so we kept driving.

We settled on Sol Duc campground.  Our son was excited about the idea of visiting the hotsprings there, but was horrified to realize they smell like rotten eggs.  Oh well.  We found a very nice campsite at the campground there, nestled amongst the trees.

The woods there continued to amaze me.  I’m just not used to woods that are so deeply inviting.  I half expected to meet hobbits there.

We have a nice curry dinner- new/old discovery- Uncle Ben’s boil-in-bag rice.  This stuff it genius.  We roasted marshmallows.  Mini-rant to follow.  Anyone who loves marshmallows, please skip ahead.

I know Marshmallows are (wrongly) considered the quintessential camp food.  I disagree.  Marshmallows are gross, and any right thinking person stops eating them by age ten at the latest.  But worse than marshmallows are s’mores.  Not only are they terrible, PEOPLE DON’T MAKE THEM RIGHT.  But if you insist on eating them, please read the following:


Take two graham crackers, put them on the grill in your fire pit, away from high heat so you don’t burn your crackers.  Put the chocolate on top of the crackers and leave the crackers on the fire until the chocolate melts.    Slow roast your marshmallow.  Now put them together.  You’re welcome.

Rant over.

2013 Family Trip (Washington) 338


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  1. This is Hilarious. We also went to that beach. If you go down to the shore there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of trees that have washed out of the forest onto the beach and been bleached white by the oft hidden sun.

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