Our crazy family vacation day five WOW!!!!!!!

So again we got up, had some breakfast (chocolate pancakes!  Yay!  Or, unnhhh my stomach hurts).  Drove up the 101 to Lake Crescent and went for swim.  While we were I spotted a bald eagle flying over the lake.

WOW was that bird cool.

I’d really always favored the golden eagle over the bald eagle, because duh, one is gold and the other is bald.  But now I have swung my allegiance to the Bald Eagle, our national bird.  All jokes aside, that was a great wild animal spotting that I’ll never forget.

We got back on the road and drove a short way to Port Angeles.  It’s a nice little town, with Canada just across the sea.  We could also see the snowy Olympic mountains and I almost talked us out of one of the best sights on the whole trip.

We were debating whether to head up the mountain to see Hurricane Ridge, or drive to somewhere a little closer to Bainbridge Island, where we’re be catching the ferry the next day.  To my infinite shame I said something along the lines of “we can see the mountains from here, I’m not sure it’s worth the drive.”



2013 Family Trip (Washington) 362(My wife took the photo, and the other ones that I’ve been posting- don’t steal them please!)

We loved this spot so much we got up early the next day so we could drive up there again and view it some more.  I loved this place so much I didn’t want it to end.  One day if I stop writing on this blog it’s because I went to live with the deer on top of this ridge.


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