Our crazy family vacation days six and seven

We wanted to see Hurricane Ridge again so badly that we got up the next morning and drove up there again.

Then we got back on the road.  This time to Bainbridge Island to catch the ferry.

A few days earlier I’d told my son that we’d be riding on the ferry and he was very excited, probably because we just don’t ride on boats all that often.

We arrived around noon and got on the very first ferry that arrived.  As far as approaches to Seattle go, I’d bet that this is the coolest, but sadly our camera batteries were dead at this point, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I’d been to Seattle once before and it’s a beautiful city.  The downtown has got a great mix of old and new buildings and lots to do.

We headed for my fellow blogger Protolexithymic’s house.

Protolexithymic and I go way back and I was excited to see him after what had been a few years.  He’s got a nice house and a happy life there in Seattle and it was really cool to visit.

Protolexithymic will have to fill in the names of the places we went because I’m terrible at remembering these things.  But we had a real nice dinner looking out onto the sound the first night.

We got up the next day and headed to the Pacific Science Center.   My wife later commented on how disappointing it is to visit this type of museum in places other than San Diego, because they’re always better than ours.  This was no exception.  It had good stuff for kids, but I myself particularly enjoyed the butterfly room.

One time I was outdoors doing something that I can’t remember and a monarch butterfly came and perched on my finger.  It hung out there for a few minutes and I really got to take a good look at it.  I was hoping that would happen at this place but no luck.  The fact that I was hoping such an unlikely thing would happen to me TWICE shows there is something wrong with me, but I really did think that.  Still it was a great collection of butterflies.

We also visited Pike’s Market, which is actually pretty cool for being a touristy type of place.  Hey touristy doesn’t HAVE to mean bad.  Old Town in San Diego is touristy as hell but I still go there from time to time.  My son had been trying to talk me into buying the board game Settlers of Katan for months and Protolexithymic said “hey, you guys like that game, I have it at home and haven’t been able to find anyone to play me.”

And we also took a stroll down to Olympic Sculpture Park and some crazy lady kept bugging us.  CITY LIFE!  But the park was cool.  I liked the eyeball seats the best.

We went for some very good sushi.  At a sustainable fish restaurant, which is pretty cool.  I know some people will mock my concern for the amount of fish in the ocean, but if so, I have a question for you- how often do you eat commercially hunted land animals?

We went back to Protoleximythic’s place and played some Settlers of Katan.  I had actually never played before.  It’s a great game.  My life later remarked it was odd that we hadn’t seen each other in years but instead of talking (which we did do plenty of) we sat down and played a board game.  My response- that’s what men do.


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