Our crazy family vacation day eight

I don’t know if it was the narrow streets, the cars parked in whatever direction people wanted to park them or just having my sleep schedule messed up by the long northern days, but I was in terror driving in Seattle.  I was ALMOST out of the city, when I was at a stoplight, everyone in the car was talking to me, I was focused on some tasty pastry and when the light changed I rammed straight into someone’s car.


She rolled down here window and yelled “really?”

I hastily apologized and we pulled into a gas station.  Turns out I just scratched her wheel cover.  I had a dent in my front bumper.  I offered her my insurance, she said “don’t worry about it, it’s just a scratch.”  What a nice lady.

We were headed for Spokane.  I have an uncle there and it made for a nice loop around the state.

The drive to Spokane was pretty for the first hour- the freeway winds through the Cascades then then drops down into the farmland of eastern Washington.

We crossed over the Columbia River again, this time the gorge was hot and dry.  I liked this sculpture that’s at the top of a ridge.

2013 Family Trip (Washington) 486

We stayed at my Uncle’s house.  My uncle has always been my “crazy uncle”, a role he’s always relished.  He retired to Spokane and lives with my aunt.

My uncle’s a very smart man, a very flexible thinker and if the subject is anything other than family it’s very hard to know if actually believes what he says.

He also loves to debate people, and isn’t above supplying “facts” when he needs to.  One Christmas he gave a master performance in BS directed at my step-grandfather over some finer points of what does and doesn’t constitute jazz.  Stories of that night are still part of our family legend.

I told him that I won’t debate him or my communist brother on politics, so we stuck to talking about family.  My dad has two brothers and they all grew up in Los Angeles.  But my father is the only one who still lives in Southern California, so I rarely see anyone from that side of my family.  My uncle had a lot of great stories about my family, most of which I’d never heard before.  The older I get the more I appreciate those.



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