Our crazy family vacation is finally over

We checked out of the Silver Legacy and got back on the road.

The 395 is one of the best routes through California, along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada.  It’s a great drive and we took our time, arriving back in San Diego around 9pm.  Trip over.

Things I learned:

Our family gets along pretty well.  We had a few rough times at the beginning of the trip, but once we got going, we were a team.  Setting up camp, taking it down, cooking food, doing dishes, driving the car, etc.  We all took turns.  Except driving the car, my son didn’t do that.

Washington has beautiful scenery and nice people.  Oregon doesn’t make you pump your own gas, and has nice people.

You don’t need reservations for campsites in Washington.

Places that aren’t dry like California have lots of mosquitoes.

We need to buy an adapter for our car so we can charge up camera batteries.

11 days was not enough time.  I would have spent more time in Seattle, more time in Portland (we spent all of about a half hour there, and I love that city), would have visited Mt Rainier, would have spent some more time exploring eastern Washington.  Maybe even stayed an extra day in Reno.


Olympic Peninsula is magical.

The Palouse.  Ditto.  Like being in a dream.

Circus Circus.  I know, but seeing my son having so much fun is a joy that I can’t get enough of.

Seeing one of my best friends in Seattle, doing well with his wonderful family.

Seeing my uncle in Spokane, hearing old stories about the family, getting his insight on my father, my other uncle, and the rest of us.

Spending time with my wife and my son, who I love very much and so rarely get to spend so much time with.

2013 Family Trip (Washington) 783


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