Podcasts I used to listen to:Yeah, it’s that bad

I’m bummed out.  My favorite podcast has inexplicably shut down.  There was an ominous message at the beginning of episode 129 saying that the show would either end or come back in a radically different format.  Then, with no explanation, it was gone.

If you’re interested, too bad. You missed it.  The show has been yanked from ITunes and its website shut down.  Nothing but a lonely Facebook page left.

There have already been a great eulogy, which I’m pretty sure I can’t top.  Probably the best thing I can say about the show is that it was the podcast I most looked forward to, and I barely have any interest in movies.  I hadn’t seen at least 2/3rds of the movies they reviewed, and of the ones I had, most of them I saw a long time ago.  I just loved the way they interacted.  It was like hearing the best parts of several hours of good friends shooting the shit, condensed into an hour.

Recently over at Balloon Juice, the site lost one of its oldest and most consistent commenters.   He was so consistent that when his comments didn’t appear for a few days, people started to talk.  When a few weeks had gone by, people feared the worst and started to piece together bits of personal information in the hopes of tracking him down.  A few weeks later we got confirmation he was dead.

One of the other commenters at Balloon Juice suggested we all email the blog host with our personal info in the off chance that we die and no one can track us down.  I didn’t bother because someone could always come here where I’m sure my blog partner would let everyone know about how I choked on a pork rind or space junk flattened me or whatever.

It’s odd to think about these things though.  General Stuck at Balloon Juice was an odd guy.  Some of his comments were very insightful.  Some were long-winded and silly.  I don’t know if I miss his comments all that much, but he was a good guy, and I do feel a bit like I lost a friend.  Same with Joel, Kevin and Martin at Yeah It’s That Bad.  Funny things happen in the internet age.



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