Random Thoughts

School is back in!  I get the computer back!

Heavy Metal!

I’ve been listening to Iron Maiden a lot lately.  I’m kind of partial to the Paul Di’Anno years, but I agree that they had gotten as far as they could with him.  I finally figured out what bothers me about one of their best known songs- Run to the Hills, beyond the fact that Bruce Dickinson is unironically singing the song in the first person, from the perspective of an Indian.

Check it out- here’s Aces High

It’s a song about kicking ass in airplanes.  FUCK YEAH.  KICK ASS.

Now here’s Run to the Hills

It sounds epic.  Badass.  Except, it’s not about kicking ass, it’s about getting your ass kicked.  FUCK YEAH.  GETTING OUR ASS KICKED.

Yeah, not really working.  But I’m pretty happy with myself for finally solving that mystery.



  1. Some of the songs in the advertisement before the video are as far away from Iron Maiden as you can get. I can’t believe they would think that someone looking up an Iron Maiden video would be interested in them.

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