Random Thoughts

People who accost service industry workers with their political opinions are lame.  Have some nuts and try needling people whose jobs don’t depend on listening to you.  Save that shit for Thanksgiving dinner, in other words.


My company gave us gym memberships, but I am too chicken and/or too lazy to use mine.  OK, it’s only been about 5 days.  I will work up the courage to go.  Having a high metabolism and being married for 10 years has made me frighteningly apathetic.  And I’m not really sure how to use the machines since I haven’t been to a gym since college.

I know you’re not supposed to read Yelp reviews of things you already liked because it will bum you out.  But righteous indignation is a powerful drug and sometimes I need a fix.  So I, stupidly, read reviews of my favorite restaurant, telling myself I was just curious about some of the other menus items.  One of the reviewers mentioned finding a caterpillar in her lettuce.  FUCK.  What do I do with this information?  I’m still going there.  I’ve been there at least 50 times (no joke, and it’s a sit down restaurant, I love it that much) and I don’t plan to stop.  But now I’ll be looking for caterpillars.  DAMN YOU YELP!



    1. No, just something I’ve observed. Yelp customer reviews would be brutal. Even reviews by customers of other customers would be hilarious. They probably do that. Any review of a bar should include a review of the type of people that go to that bar.

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