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How I Hope Dexter Ends

I have kept up with Dexter over the last 8 years not because it is great television but because it is good television.  The team that produces the show do a pretty good job of story telling despite the myriad of holes a person could poke in the story if they were interested in doing so.  I think after Dexter blew Dokes up at the end of the second season, the average fan had to decide if they were just going to go with the show, or if it was a bit beyond the pale.  I decided to stick with it.

There are certainly a lot to questions. My most obvious personal beef is where the fuck are Astor and Cody.  Two children to whom Dexter was the only father figure to, and they are simply written out of the show.  Which speaks to the shows largest failure; that it deals to simply with questions that would get in the way of Dexter’s serial killer life style (Like Jaime Batista being perennially available).  The characters close to Dexter are simply there to provide easy answers to the difficult situations that might arise if one were to choose to lead a double life.  It would be hard to tell an escapist fantasy as ludicrous as Dexter without completely glossing over the details of a real life 30 something dad.

But, I don’t really watch the show for televisual excellence, I have been watching for the last eight years waiting to see if Dexter really is a serial killer.  If you watch the show you may be confused by that last sentence, since he is the most prolific serial killer in history.  But, I am of the opinion that Dexter wasn’t destined to be a serial killer.  Had Harry pursued therapy rather than creating his own fantasy vigilante I think Dexter would probably be a pretty normal person.  From about season three on I think the show has been playing with the idea of whether Dexter is a serial killer with a code or a normal person who was given seriously flawed guidance at a young and impressionable age.  Dr Vogel’s surprise at Dexter’s penchant for forming connections with the people in his life certainly speaks to the later.  The one consistent brilliant part of the show is the show open.  It is as watchable eight years later as it was when the show first aired, and I watch it nearly every time.  The casual violence of his morning routine also raises the question are Dexter’s quirks unique or ubiquitous?

What I would like to see happen is for Dexter to to be caught, for Deborah to go to jail, Harrison to be placed in the protection of the state, and for Miami Metro Homicide to have deal with the fact that they are shitty detectives.  I really like the show and all the characters, and I think it is the only plausible outcome for the story if removed from the ridiculous latitude afforded Dexter by his supporting cast.  What will probably happen is that Dexter will kill the brain surgeon, after Hannah McKay kills the US marshal and Deborah kills Elway.   That way Dexter and Hannah can live happily ever after in Argentina, and Deborah can go back to Miami Metro.  It will be perfect.  The specifics may be off, but I don’t have faith in team Dexter to challenge the 18 to 35 year old men who watch the show.  It would shatter their secret fantasies of what they could do if some one would just fill their life with people to take care of all there responsibilities.  Hopefully it wouldn’t be serial killing, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


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