Things that suck about being in a band: Empty Rooms

We got the gig last night about a week ago and when we were debating whether to do it I was strangely the only person saying “Wednesday night?  I’d rather not.”  But the rest of the band sold it to me by pointing out that we practice on Wednesday nights, so it would be just like practicing, in front of people.

It’s pretty hard to get friends to come see us play on a weekday, and I was just getting over a cold and wasn’t super sure about how well I would do, so I pretty much told no one about the show and so, obviously, no one showed up.  We had about 4 people there to see us.  The other two bands were from out of town and had somewhere in the neighborhood of two people there to see them.  ROCK AND ROLL!

No actually it’s a bummer.  On the bright side, at least other bands won’t heckle you if you fuck up.

Also on the bright side, I got to meet some really cool kids.  I say kids because damn, we are old.  So old that everyone looks like kids now.

The Soft Shadows were from Portland.  I wish I could embed their video but it’s on VIMEO and I am an old man and I can’t figure out these damn computer thingies!

Wait, I found one.  I really like this song, the video’s pretty cool too.

The Learning Team came all the way from Bellingham Washington.  I was watching them set up going- wow, what are they going to do with all those instruments?  They played them though!  Really well!

It turned out to be a nice evening.  Too bad more people didn’t miss it.



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